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Scanner Support

An optical device that reads a printed page or transparency and converts it into a graphics image for the computer. The scanner does not recognize or differentiate in any manner the content of the material it is scanning. Everything is converted into a bitmapped image, which is a pattern of dots.

Another category of scanner is digital camera scanners, which are based on the concept of reprographic cameras. Due to increasing resolution and new features such as anti-shake, digital cameras have become an attractive alternative to regular scanners. While still having disadvantages compared to traditional scanners (such as distortion, reflections, shadows, low contrast), digital cameras offer advantages such as speed, portability and gentle digitizing of thick documents without damaging the book spine. New scanning technologies are combining 3D scanners with digital cameras to create full-color, photo-realistic 3D models of objects

Scanner may refer to a number of technological devices:
  • Scanner (radio), for searching for and receiving radio broadcasts
  • Vulnerability scanner, a computer program that probes for weaknesses
  • An automated spotlight
  • Barcode reader, which reads the data encoded in a barcode
  • Port scanner, in computer networking
  • Lexical analysis, a computer program
  • 3D scanner, which digitizes the three-dimensional shape of a real object
  • Stepper, a part of the photolithography process
  • Image scanner, which digitizes a two-dimensional image
  • A rotating radar antenna
  • An automotive electronic control unit diagnostic tool
  • An outside broadcasting control vehicle
  • A biometric scanner, an electronic device with a sensor to read patterns or images from faces, irises and finger pads to create a biological template or profile

Our experts will help you:
  • Scanner Drivers Installation/Update.
  • Scanner Head Replacement and Combination Resetting.
  • Setup of Ethernet Wired Scanners.
  • Scanner Software Optimization
  • Network Scanner Connection to Windows OS.
  • Correcting Scanner Plug and Play Errors.
  • Troubleshooting Error Messages.
  • Fixing Scanner Carriage Jams.

MP3 Support

Our Expert configures the setting of your MP3 player and supports to install the software or driver that can connect your MP3 with the computer. Supports you to download music, creating play lists. Our experienced and specialized technicians give you the best support at affordable prices. Makes it easy to connect mp3 with your computer. Enables the smooth functioning of your MP3 player by taking the remote session of your computer via internet

Digital Camera Support

LLoyd Support offers you the support to install the digital camera in your computer so that you can download the images pictures via internet by configuring the settings of your digital camera you just need to allow us to take the remote control session of your computer rest our specialized technicians will take care of installing drivers to connect digital camera to your computer. LLoyd Support provides you the best support to connect your digital camera with your computer. LLoyd Support will support you to install the driver in your computer that can connect your digital camera with the computer by taking the remote control session of your computer via internet.